Phantom Blade Zero: Everything you should know

Phantom Blade Zero: Everything you should know


The industry has been embracing dramatic, stylistic approaches to Eastern cultures. Phantom Blade Zero will soon join Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima.

Phantom Blade may not be a brand new series but you might have never heard of it. Phantom Blade, which was born in 2010 from Rainblood Town of Death and was initially a Chinese mobile-only series, is now available worldwide. Soulframe Liang is the founder and developer of S-Game. Thanks to his passion, the West can now enjoy the Phantom World.

Phantom Blade Zero Release date

Phantom Blade Zero was revealed at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase on May 24th. It featured a dark art style, action-packed gameplay, and quirky characters. The trailer lacked any kind of release date.

This semi-open-world adventure is unlikely to be released until 2024, as the information was pretty thin.

Phantom Blade Zero: What’s the Story?

Phantom Blade Zero, according to Liang follows Soul, an elite assassin who is in a dangerous situation. After the group he is working for accuses him of murder and leaves him with a mortal wound, he’s saved from death by a healer. But only for 66 short days. The soul has 66 days to enjoy life, or he can embark on revenge and fight against inhuman creatures to find the truth. Which one will he pick?

Liang calls the game “Kung-Fu Punk”, and says that it will unfold over several semi-open, large maps. The Phantom World rewards players who take on the challenges. They will receive new weapons, armor, and skills.

Kenji Tanigaki is a well-known fight coordinator who has worked in the classic martial arts film industry. To fine-tune Zero’s combat, they turned to him. Tanigaki gave the animation artists of Soul the reference images they used to design Soul’s combat style via body scans.

Phantom Blade Zero represents Liang’s spiritual resurrection of the original game. Zero, though part of the Phantom Blade Series, is an independent title that borrows from the conventions used in mobile game development such as simple controls.