Dark Descent continues to look like a potential surprise hit for Aliens

Dark Descent continues to look like a potential surprise hit for Aliens


Aliens: Dark Descent is proving to be a much more interesting game than many fans give it credit, according to its latest gameplay trailer.

The trailer shows more real-time strategies, cinematic cuts (which helps Fireteam Elite stand out), and gameplay that feels like a mix between The Thing & Darkest Dungeon. You can watch it in the embedded video above.

Aliens Dark Descent has a brief synopsis:

Your squad is the weapon you use to command your team.

Aliens: Dark Descent is a full-featured tactical campaign that’s filled with tension, strategy and frightening revelations. You’ll be able to progress through a complicated story as you try and solve the mysteries on Planet Lethe. The innovative controls for keyboard and mouse, as well as the controller will allow players to manage their squads together. A unique Squad Behavior system dispatches Marines automatically to the battlefield. This allows them to react intelligently and quickly to any orders. They can stop time in an instant to make tactical decisions when the Xenomorphs are overwhelming.

Marines have the ability to change their surroundings and combat hostiles. Flamethrowers are a great way to destroy enemy routes and engulf entire corridors. Sendry guns can be used for tough battles and to maintain the fight without running out of supplies.

Each run is different as Xenomorphs react to the player’s behavior. Players can explore expansive, persistent and open levels without changing their choices. It is just as crucial to manage the health of your squad and its stress level as it is to complete objectives. Remember that when Marines die, their lives are over.

Players return to the Otago after each mission. This is a central hub where they can heal Marines and recruit new ones, research and improve gear and retreat from missions. Assign roles to your Marines with the 5 classes of Marines available. This will help you create a more powerful squad that can explore deeper and fight against an army of Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Dark Descent will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation Series, Xbox One, and PC on 20th June. Pre-orders for digital and retail versions are now open on all platforms .”