Bungie's Marathon Reboot: Everything You Should Know

Bungie’s Marathon Reboot: Everything You Should Know

Bungie's Marathon Reboot: Everything You Should Know

Bungie’s Marathon Reboot: Everything You Should Know


Bungie was so deeply embedded in Destiny for more than 10 years that they didn’t create any other games. It was until recently. Bungie appeared at the PlayStation Showcase, on May 24th. They brought Marathon a familiar title to Bungie’s longtime fans.

Bungie created a first-person shooter in 1994 for Apple Macintosh. The Marathon series was born from this game, which spawned three single-player and multiplayer titles. In 1996 the Marathon series ended with Marathon Infinity. Now, 27 years after that, it is back with some new tricks.

Marathon Release Date

Marathon’s reveal did not include a date for its release. Scott Taylor, the General Manager of Marathon stated in a Interview for the PlayStation Blog that “The next you hear about Marathon we will be able to show you the game and be closer to the launch.”

This does not bode well in terms of any future information. Marathon will be released in a few more years.

Marathon: What Is It About?

In the original Marathon Series, the man faced off against an insectoid extraterrestrial race called Pfhor. It’s not just the PvP shooter that makes this iteration stand out, but also because of its unique gameplay.

Although earlier games portrayed the Pfhors as evil, this time around the Pfhors are not the main antagonists. Instead, the players fight each other for loot as well as a safe exit from the planet.

The players take on the role of synthetic Runners, and they can equip them with any weapon to fight each other. Christopher Barrett’s statement in an interview with the PlayStation Blog that “loot is what everyone is fighting for” is still somewhat mysterious. Barrett says they will honor the mythology of the Pfhor, but it’s still disappointing that the Pfhor isn’t a main threat.

This is likely a reference to the simple stories that players will create as they fight amongst themselves.

Bungie’s Marathon Reboot: Everything You Should Know
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