How To Bypass ISP Throttling When Gaming

How To Bypass ISP Throttling When Gaming

Have you ever questioned why the speeds of your web browser are so slow? It can be a result of your ISP capping your gaming traffic. This post will cover both how to get around ISP restrictions whilst gaming and several other alternatives that can help you have a better play experience on just about any device.

How To Check If Your ISP Is Throttling Your Gaming Traffic?

There are a lot of things that can influence your gaming experience. The ability to connect and play rapidly is one of the most crucial factors. You may be dealing with ISP throttling if you’re having trouble connecting or if your data rates are poor.


Using some straightforward tools, we’ll show you how to determine if your ISP is restricting gaming traffic on your network in this article.

Check Your ISP’s Terms of Service

The majority of ISPs want their own terms and conditions (ToS) that specify what they may do when interacting with clients who request access to their services, and these guidelines frequently vary between providers. Anyone curious about circumventing throttling should read the Terms of Service (ToS) before registering with any particular firm because there may be some surprising terms there that could cause issues later on when testing new companies like Netflix streaming using VPNs, etc.

Tech-Based Solutions To Avoid ISP Throttling

Here are some choices if you’re seeking a technological way to escape ISP throttling when gaming:


  • Use a proxy or a VPN. Virtual private network (VPN) technology encodes all data traffic between the user system and the VPN service provider’s server. This helps prohibit your ISP from slowing down or restricting specific websites or apps on your device by preventing them after seeing which sites you visit and what amount of broadband they consume while connected to their service.
  • Instead of making direct connections between devices, use DNS servers. As long as everyone is using an Internet-connected device, employing DNS servers should allow gamers to play together rather than worrying about lag spikes and choppy gameplay experiences.

Use A VPN To Avoid ISP Throttling

The best approach to circumvent ISP throttling is to utilize a VPN (a virtual private network). Your internet traffic is routed through a remote host and encrypted using a VPN service, and that is what you need from a gaming VPN. This prevents your ISP from monitoring your online activities and throttling or blocking specific websites from loading.


As VPNs have been in use for almost 20 years, and for a valid reason: thousands of people use them every day. They effectively prevent ISP throttling since they prevent ISPs from seeing your IP address. Online gaming like Game or Pubg also helps players maintain their online anonymity by getting around ISP throttling.


So, investing in a VPN that is suitable for gaming is the greatest method to circumvent ISP throttling. A solid VPN can enable you to play video games without experiencing ISP lag, and it can protect your data while you stream films or browse the web.


  • VPNs are a helpful tool to get around ISP restrictions, and they’re free, legal, don’t compromise your privacy, and safe to use.
  • If at all possible, avoid using an open network for gaming, such as Wi-Fi, and instead utilize single ethernet cabling or a Gigabit router.
  • Use a premium VPN that has lots of servers in various countries across the world and fast speeds so that, even if one server is momentarily down due to maintenance being done at its physical place, other regions will be accessible for players who require them.


There are some easy actions you may take if you’re wondering how to get around ISP throttling. You can modify your DHCP server from your router or use a VPN. However, as they will reduce your transmission rate and make it harder for networks to load whenever playing online games, we advise against using these techniques on a regular basis. Instead, employ them just while looking for a different solution to the ISP throttling problem. So why are you still waiting? Create one right away to get playing as soon as your internet speed allows!