Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition IOS/APK Download

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition IOS/APK Download

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Game Overview

2 protagonists who quit start and a beautiful Sheva Alomar, a new partner in the Bioterrorism Safety Assessment Alliance.

There is more action in the setting without any dark-colored elements. Tension and frustration have replaced the horror elements. Cooperation is the distinctive element. Thanks to a small stock, the survival component is kept afloat.

This, combined with the innovative cinematographic techniques inserted into the fourth chapter, has given us an excellent game… although far from the classic canons.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Features:

  • It’s more in line with reality. For example, in the pit, you can’t see anything without the lamp.
  • Vehicles and other shooting props can be used. The machine gun turret is available for passing the field or the BOSS station. While it is still cool to play, continuous shots will heat up and cause deflection in the machine guns on the vehicle.
  • It is less complicated and can be used casually. However, it is not as elegant as the 0th generation. Although it is slightly smaller than the 0th generation, it is still sufficient and should be selected.
  • Customs clearance can allow you to unlock unlimited ammunition and other rewards. It’s not difficult to become more difficult in two weeks. You can also kill monsters that were not previously killed in one week.

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Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition IOS/APK Download