Minecraft Partners with National Trust to Build Historic Castle in Block Form

Minecraft Partners with National Trust to Build Historic Castle in Block Form

Minecraft’s most notable feature is the creative creations of its players.

However, now it seems as though the game’s newest impressive build is historically-inspired, constructed as part of a new partnership following The Wild Update.

Microsoft, the Minecraft publisher, has teamed up to reproduce a stunning landmark in Dorset with the National Trust, an English conservation organization.

 King of the Minecraft Castle

The landmark is Corfe castle. Its ruins are a venue for the National Trust Festival of Archaeology. However, you can download a Minecraft version of it.

Grain, a popular YouTuber, is responsible for this medieval renovation. Martin Papworth, National Trust archaeologist, helped Martin and Alice Loxton with a video featuring the final work.

Brian said that it was a wonderful experience to work with the National Trust to reconstruct Corfe Castle, Minecraft. He added, “This project was right in my backyard in terms of interests. I am looking forward to seeing the different ways people restore the ruins.

Regular Minecraft players can download Grian’s creation to create their version of the castle. It is available for download on Minecraft’s marketplace beginning this weekend.

This is a crucial part of the partnership’s ultimate goal. Papworth describes it as “seeing young people engage with the UK’s rich historical heritage using technology.”

This goal will see the development of a “Minecraft Education Edition” package that will allow schoolchildren across the country to experience the Minecraft experience.

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