This Legendary Weapon Works with an Exotic Mod in Destiny 2

P.S.A.: This Legendary Weapon works with an Exotic Mod from Destiny 2

Theisare so many Exotweaponspon in Destiny 2 that I sometimes forget about certain of them. The game seems to lose track of the Exotic weapons because one mod designed for Exotic weapons interacts with an ex-Exotic weapon. This mod is seasonal Flame Harvesting. The weapon in question is Drang, both Calus’s “Baroque” version and the original.

The Flame Harvesting mod can create Elemental Wells from Solar Exotic kills. Destiny2‘s Drang triggers this mod. It is a reliable source of Elemental Wells for any build that uses it. Drang is closely related the to Exotic weapon Sturm. However, other weapons that have similar ties (e.g. Calus Multi-Tool to M.I.D.A. doesn’t seem to activate it in this way.

Thihelpful useful tool? It is cohelpful to useful if you make a sidearm build. If you put a lot of effort into crafting Drang this season, you can also spec it in some interesting ways like making it Incandescent. Although it’s quite a bit of work, there are many ways to get Wells from low-end content. The low number of sidearms in higher-level Nightfalls will let you down. Flame Harvesting is expensive to equip and costs five energy, so you are missing out on seasonal mods such as Classy Restoration.

It could still be fun to experiment with, regardless of whether it is an intentional interaction. Even though they aren’t particularly powerful, I liked the idea of Sturm & Drang in Destiny2. The Surprise Attack mod has been sluggish since Season of the Worthy. So maybe it’s time to give it a try.

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