VFX Artists Name Marvel the “Worst Client” to Work For

VFX Artists Name Marvel the “Worst Client” to Work For

You can’t have Marvel movies or shows without heavy, -heavy use of visual effects. Without them, Benedict Cumberbatch would be drawing circles in the air (although I’d still pay a lot to see it).

The talents behind these effects will be highly sought after. TheGamer reports that VFX artists claim to have worked for Marvel and have complained about the difficult conditions they have had to work under in order to make their projects come to life.

Independent-Ad419 wrote that Marvel has “probably the worst method of production and VFX administration out there.” He started the thread on the r/vfx forum. They can’t fix the look of the show in half the time. Artists who work on Marvel shows don’t get paid the same as their hard work. It is hard to find a job as a Marvel film producer. I’d rather work on a series of TV shows than be enthralled by the thrill.

Others artists agreed: “Yup. They should not be in movies or TV shows. They are becoming our largest client. They want a variety of options to change their minds [three] times,” Mickeym00m00 said. “Agree! “Agree! After six years of working in VFX for non-Marvel shows, last year was my first taste of one. This was the most horrible show I have ever worked on. “I didn’t realize how bad it could get until that show came along,” said sammiducky.

Artists have shared their bad experiences with the company before. One person stated that they were feeling stressed after being on the third Marvel project in succession.