Marvel Producer Wants to Continue the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Arc

Marvel Producer Wants to Continue the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Arc

Sam Raimi is currently working on Doctor Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness. This will be his first film since 2009. Fans are eagerly awaiting its May release and fantasizing about returning to the life of another Marvel hero Raimi has worked with.

Since Spider-Man was a box-office hit, whispers have circulated about the next Spider-Man movie. Many have asked for Andrew Garfield’s return. This would complete his trilogy of Amazing Spider-Man films, which is something Garfield is all about. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man fans were even more vocal when Maguire declared No way home wasn’t the end of his story.

Raimi is the director of Maguire’s trilogy in the 2000s. He seems more interested in making a new Batman movie than returning to his work as Spider-Man. But we live in hope. Storyboards displaying ideas for a fourth Spider-Man movie directed by Raimi were released last year. They showed our web-slinging hero facing off against The Vulture.

Spider-Man 3 was not a famous story with fans, and the fourth story in Raimi’s universe did not see the light of day. The potential story has many fans, including one Marvel producer.

Gizmodo interviewed Grant Curtis to discuss his thoughts about the unutilized storyboards.

“The Spider-Man films we made were a great opportunity career-wise. The stories created from these movies are a favorite of mine as a fan. There were many other stories in those movies that didn’t get told. As any Spider-Man fan will tell you, I hope that all those stories are told one day and that the story continues.”

It is possible to have a Maguire come back if there are more supporters. We’ll be realistic with our expectations, but we have so little information at the moment.