How to get Iconic Fortnite skin at Chloe Kim Cup

How to get Iconic Fortnite skin at Chloe Kim Cup

How to get Iconic Fortnite skin at Chloe Kim Cup

How to get Iconic Fortnite skin at Chloe Kim Cup

Olympic gold medallist Chloe Kim follows Naomi Osaka to become the latest Fortnite Icon Series star.

She is a snowboarding star who has won gold twice, the first time at the 2018 Winter Olympics. At just 17, she was the youngest woman to win snowboarding silver. Chloe Kim followed this success with a win in the 2022 Winter Olympics. It’s not like a gold medal, but it’s still good.

Fortnite skins celebrate Chloe Kim’s snowboarding skills and Korean heritage.

Kim is a renowned snowboarder, and her Outfit celebrates this. Kim wears five different styles of the snowsuit. The Chloe Kim bundle includes the Outfit, alt styles, and a Chloe Kim Back Bling, Glider and Harvesting Tool.

The original Chloe Kim Outfit features the Olympian in a pink and grey snowsuit with a Dragon curving down the legs. You don’t have to wear black if you aren’t comfortable wearing black. The original outfit is given a black-and–of course–gold makeover in tribute to herback-to-backk gold medals.

Kim’s Outfit gets a complete overhaul with the Pink Poppies giving Kim a pastel-coloured hairdo with her pink and blue snowsuit. If you decide to wear Icy Infusion, you will start with the Pink Poppies look. Then, the reactive Outfit gradually changes with each elimination and becomes the final, ice-cold look – Deep Freeze.

As mentioned above, the bundle will also include cosmetics worthy of a medalist. The Sub-Zero flight back bling gives you a pair of icy wings, and the Frozen Flourish Pickaxe shimmers with snowflakes. However, the Nunbola Glider is the real star of this set – aside from Chloe – a stunning nod to Kim’s Korean heritage. The Nunbola, or snowstorm, Glider is a majestic dragon made of ice. It can be ridden on its back, and you can glide fearlessly into battle (as shown in the header image).

The Board Flair Emote is a great way to show Chloe Kim’s personality. See the video below. The Chloe Kim bundle includes all of the above and the Nunbola’s Fly Loading Screen bonus. However, some items can be purchased separately.

How to get the skin in Chloe Kim Cup March 24

You can participate in the Chloe Kim Cup to celebrate the release of the Chloe Kim Fortnite Skin. The Chloe Kim Cup can be played in the current no build mode. It is also a Duos tournament, so you need to find a friend to help you win the gold. The top players will win the Chloe Kim Outfit, and Sub-Zero Flight Back-Bling will be awarded to the winners. Every participant who earns eight points or more will receive the Nunbola’s Flight Loading Screen.

How to get Iconic Fortnite skin at Chloe Kim Cup
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