Ubisoft Executives don't get NFT hate, allow me to explain

Ubisoft Executives don’t get NFT hate, allow me to explain

Paramount's Halo TV Series debuts in March

Ubisoft Executives don’t get NFT hate, allow me to explain

UPDATE 1/30/2022 The Halo live-action series’ trailer is now available. The new Paramount Plus trailer shows Cortana as well as iconic Covenant forces such the Elites, Jackals and others.

You’ll also find familiar weapons and vehicles, such as Plasma Swords, Warthogs and Banshees. This will give you all the nostalgic bits that make your brain happy. For those who want to see Pablo Schreiber’s Master chief in action, the Halo trailer has been shared below.

Original Story Master Chief’s live-action television debut will be available soon. This is just in time to catch the previously announced Q1-2022 window. Paramount Plus has released a new trailer that shows the live-action Halo series. It launches on March 24th for Paramount Plus.

It has been four years since Halo was founded and Microsoft announced plans to give Chief live-action treatment. Today’s first trailer was a bit of a tease-of-another-tease, with a second video planned for this afternoon–the new March date made for this clip’s biggest reveal.

For viewers in North America, the Halo trailer debuts today. The trailer will air on CBS’s AFC Championship halftime show. It will also be streamable via Paramount Plus. Once it goes live, we’ll update the post with an update.

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It has been a long wait for a live-action Halo show. There were rumblings almost a decade ago when a bid was made to air the series on Showtime back in the days before streaming services existed. However, this was just before they became more costly to maintain than cable.

While I know that most episodic and movie games are pretty terrible, the music in the Game Awards trailer is what gets me every time. Infinite has made me a child again with no thoughts but Chief. Even if this game is disappointing, I will still give it a chance.


Ubisoft Executives don’t get NFT hate, allow me to explain
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