Mod 'Final Fantasy VII: Remake' Makes Your NPCs Veinier

Mod ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake’ Makes Your NPCs Veinier

Mod 'Final Fantasy VII: Remake' Makes Your NPCs Veinier

Mod ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake’ Makes Your NPCs Veinier

Although they may seem minor issues, these small problems can make or break immersion. Gamers have noticed that NPCs are not always correct since the Final Fantasy VII push to PC last Dec.

It wasn’t obvious at first, as the PlayStation 4 runs at lower specs than high-end gaming computers. With all the graphical upgrades available on the latest hardware, minor imperfections in facial textures became more noticeable.

Although the textures on the skin weren’t too realistic, it gave the impression that NPCs didn’t have a healthy diet or exercise routine. Some players have fallen prey to an uncanny valley because of their uneven texture and visible veins, which is a common trait among the infirm.

Have you played Final Fantasy VII: The Remake? Below, Square Enix shows you its first look at Final Fantasy VII: Remake starting from 2015 when it was announced.

As a pornographic video of Tifa Lockhart (Remake’s leading lady), interrupted a meeting that included academics and scientists, the Italian senator seems to have agreed with me. However, the internet has come together to laugh at the incident.

It was easy to see why some players were interested in freshening up the faces of some extras, especially when they stood right next to our favourite girl’s glowing beauty. Sami created the mod “NPC Faces fix” which aims to “Replace 530 NPCs’ faces with a version that is less veiny”.

They then go on to explain the creation of mod:

“Many NPCs’ faces have that sickly veiny appearance to them. I fixed it. Because 530 textures were modified, the file is quite large.”

While they might not be able to stop large online political meetings from colliding, they look a lot better than before. Check out the preview to see what you think about the mod.



Mod ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake’ Makes Your NPCs Veinier
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