Current WWE Championships

Current WWE Championships

Current WWE Championships

Current WWE Championships

The WWE hierarchy is built on 20 championship belts regularly contested for. These championships or “titles” are split across five distinct brands with their roster of superstars. These championships are often defended during pay-per-view events and on memorable episodes of weekly television.

The show’s championships usually consist of a ‘Major’ singles title (usually a World’s Championship, WWE Championship), a singles championship for a woman, a Tag Team championship, and a singles championship for a man. These championships can sometimes be accompanied with additional, less-marquee belts such as the 24/7 and Cruiserweight titles. However, they are not tied to any particular brand to switch between them.

This is the definitive list that includes the current list for WWE Championships across all five brands: RAW, SmackDown Live and NXT UK.

RAW currently has 4 championships that 5 superstars hold.

– WWE Championship
RAW Women’s Championship
– United States Championship
RAW Tag Team Championship

The WWE Championship is the oldest championship on RAW. It dates back to the early 1960’s WWF days. The WWE Championship was won by 54 stars, including John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

SmackDown Live Championships

SmackDown Live currently has 4 championships that are held by 5 stars.

– WWE Universal Championship
– SmackDown Women’s Championship
– Intercontinental Championship
– SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The Intercontinental Championship, established in 1979, is the oldest championship on SmackDown Live. The Intercontinental Championship was won by 87 stars, including Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Current WWE Championships
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