SNK launches 2nd King of Fighters Open Beta Test

SNK launches 2nd King of Fighters Open Beta Test

SNK launches 2nd King of Fighters Open Beta Test

SNK launches 2nd King of Fighters Open Beta Test

After the November KOF 15 Open Beta Test, SNK has begun to roll out another one exclusively for PlayStation users in December 2021.

SNK is taking steps to make King of Fighters 15 the best game as we approach February 17, 2022, release date. They will be launching a second Open Beta Test in December. X and PC, the OBT is only open to players on PS4 and PS5.

How to play King of Fighters Open Beta Test

If you’ve played the first KOV15 Open Beta,

You will need to update if you have King of Fighters XV loaded from the Open Beta. You should update the game as usual if it is still loaded on your PlayStation.

  • Locate King of Fighters 15 in your library
  • Click on Options
  • Check for updates
  • Follow these instructions to download the patch

Participation in the KOV Beta is required if you have not already done so.

You will need the Demo to install KOV 15 on your PS4 and PS5. As the Standard Edition may be available in the shop, you must make sure you select the right option. You will need to ensure that you select the “King of Fighters XV DEMO(Open Beta),” which does not require payment.

To participate, do you need a PlayStation Plus membership?

Participation in the OBT is possible without an internet connection or PlayStation Plus. You will not be able to test the offline features such as Versus mode, Training mode, or Tutorials without them. Online players can also test Casual Matches or Room Matches.

When will the KOF 15 2nd open beta start?

The King of Fighters XV 2nd Open Beta Test will begin on December 17 and run until December 20, 2021. Below are the launch times for each region.

US West Coast December 17, 2021 — 19.00 PST
US East Coast December 17, 2021 — 22:00 EST
United Kingdom December 18, 2021 — 03 00 GMT
Central Europe December 18, 2021 — 04 00 CET
Japan December 18, 2021 — 12:00 PM JST

When does the KOF 15 Beta Testing end?

US West Coast December 20, 2021 — 06:59 PST
US East Coast December 20, 2021 — 09:59 EST
United Kingdom December 20, 2021 — 14:59 GMT
Central Europe December 20, 2021 — 15:59 CET
Japan December 21 2021 — 23.59 JST

You can find more information about the second KOV 15 Open Beta Test (including playable characters) in the complete guide by SNK.

SNK launches 2nd King of Fighters Open Beta Test
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