Shortest Games You Can Do in an Afternoon
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Shortest Games You Can Do in an Afternoon

Shortest Games You Can Do in an Afternoon

Shortest Games You Can Do in an


Every week seems to bring out a new game, making it easy to get overwhelmed by our growing backlog. We’ve compiled a list with these in mind.

We don’t mean to say that too many great games are a problem. Old codgers like myself could talk about the days when we had to wait months for top-tier games. Our list is here to help us all get away from the AAA grind for 50 hours now and again.

Here’s a list of short games that you can play in one or two hours. S thanks to backwards compatibility.

Plug & Play is almost certainly the shortest of our games. However, it’s still worth a look, especially if it’s on sale. Plug & Play is a 20-minute interactive animation that challenges you to solve simple puzzles while you watch the madness unfold among many sexually charged creations.

You read it right. The socket and the plug are, well, basically the same thing. Plug & Play is worth looking at at least once because of its intricate animation and surreal lengths, along with the eerie analogies.

Three-Fourths Home is the game that you’d love to play on a winter night. Three-Fourths Home follows the journey of Kelly through Nebraska. It’s a visual novel that lets you experience the story through the phone calls and announcements on Kelly’s car radio.

Three-Fourths Home is a story about a storm that rages, and it allows you to get to know Kelly’s family by phone calls. It shows snapshots of people’s lives and is a great recommendation for short games.

Although the gameplay is primarily about holding the accelerator for the car and multitasking while driving, Three Fourths Home still makes you care enough about Kelly, her family and her destination.

Shortest Games You Can Do in an Afternoon
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