Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise Planning Guide Tips, Visiting Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise Planning Guide Tips, Visiting Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise Planning Guide Tips, Visiting Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise Planning Guide Tips, Visiting Villagers

You might be wondering how it all works if you don’t have Animal Crossing’s most recent downloadable content. The concept of Happy Home Paradise was simple. Villagers want vacation homes, and you’re going help them design them. How does it all work? There are 49 plots available and over 400 villages. This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding Paradise Planning.

Unlocking Paradise Planning

After you have purchased the DLC log in to Animal Crossing to spawn into your world. Tom Nook will call you and ask you to go to the airport to meet Lottie. Before inviting you to visit the island, she’ll give you a brief overview of Paradise Planning.

Take the plane to the islands after Tom Nook has left. You’ll be met by the friendliest monkey on the planet. You’ll be greeted by him at the office, where you will get to know everything. Eloise will be your first client once Lottie has shared some details.

They will choose an island plot for you. However, you won’t have complete access to all the details yet. You won’t have the ability to change the dimensions or decorate the outside of the room. Do your best to include Eloise’s favorite items. This challenge is not for everyone.

Finished decorating? Talk to Eloise to let her know that you are done decorating and want to return to work.

However, there’s so much more to it than decorating homes. In the trailer, it was mentioned that eventually, facilities such as schools and restaurants will be available. These can be viewed at any time, and you can see which villages have visited them once they are decorated. Some even become staff! Sherb dressed as a waiter at a restaurant in Nintendo Direct.

Paradise Planning Tips

What should you expect? These are some quick tips to help you get started!

  • Three days after building the school, pillars and counters can be unlocked.
  • After four days, you can unlock an ATM on the Island. It can be used to convert Bells into Poki to get faster access to the products on sale. Limit 15,000 Poki per day
  • To earn Poki (the island’s equivalent to Bells), you can use the recommended items to create designs quicker.
  • Poki can be used to buy items in the shop. Make sure you do your best to keep them affordable each day!
  • You will need to convince a villager to buy a vacation home for your second job.
  • The second job offers more options, such as the ability to select a plot and decorate it.
  • Once you have completed the second job, the Paradise Planning Network is unlocked. This allows you access to any previous homes or facilities that you have designed.
  • We are still investigating how island slots work, but it is possible to have more than one villager on each.
  • You can still choose the person you don’t like for the second job, but it’s okay to have more than one!
  • These might refresh the next day so be cautious.
  • Invite a villager to your island. Buy the souvenir chocolate and hand it to them.
  • They will not be forced to leave your island.

According to what we know, the ultimate goal of giving every villager a home is to make it a vacation spot. You may not be able give all the villager’s you wish, but you can give them a home that they can visit whenever you like.

Paradise Planning Unlocks

It’s as easy as building houses to get your hands on new features in the game.

  • Two Jobs: Paradise Planning Network.
  • Five Jobs: Vine DIY. Unlocked storage space on the second floor.
  • Six Jobs: Earn 9000 Poki per Job, unlocked uniforms, and a workbench on the second floor. The school is not locked. To gain access to the room sizes, please complete this form.
  • Seven Jobs Now you can summon vacationers using amiibo. Only available to regular villagers.
  • Eight Jobs: DIY Unlocks Wall Partitions
  • 11 Jobs: Earn 12,000 Poki per job.
  • 12 Jobs You can customize your polishing effect. You can unlock lighting and the cafe/restaurant facility.
  • 13 Jobs You can now view the creations of others on the Paradise Planning Network.
  • 15 Jobs You can use DIY-made furniture in your job.
  • 16 Jobs Find roommates to rent vacation homes.
  • 17 Jobs: Unlocks soundscapes.
  • 18 Jobs It is possible to add a second level to your vacation homes.
  • 19 Jobs: Earn 15,000 Poki per job. You can now summon VIP villager. (Those without houses like Isabelle).
  • 22 Jobs Unlocks Hospital Facility
  • 23 Jobs More soundscapes.
  • 25 Jobs Get access to your furniture catalog when decorating.
  • 30 Jobs Get access to the apparel shop facility. Tom Nook can help you decorate the houses of your villager (internal or external).

Did you make your own discoveries? Like how long it takes for new things to be unlocked? Do you have any tips for fellow Paradise Planners. Leave us a comment below!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise Planning Guide Tips, Visiting Villagers
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