Demon Turf: Where to Find the Yooka-Laylee Camera
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Demon Turf: Where to Find the Yooka-Laylee Camera

Demon Turf: Where to Find the Yooka-Laylee Camera

Demon Turf: Where to Find the Yooka-Laylee Camera

Demon Turf is the latest Slime-San game by Fabraz and Playtonic Friends. You control the demon Beebz, who is trying to defeat the Demon King to claim the throne. You can’t do this alone. We’ve got friends to help. But if you want to make new friends while exploring the Underworld with Yooka-Laylee, we have you covered.

Demon Turf is published and published by Playtonic Friends. The cameo may seem obvious in hindsight. However, during the game you might have a chance to meet Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic’s bat and lizard duo). Playtonic is made up of ex-Rare developers who created the original Yooka–Laylee with funding from Kickstarter. Yooka-Laylee launched in 2017 to mixed reviews. Most people found it to be a retro throwback to a 3D platformer.

How to Find Yooka Laylee in Demon Turf

Playtonic’s duo can be found in Forktown which is Demon Turf’s main hub. Forktown is the place to go to purchase new cosmetics and mods that alter your abilities. It’s also where you will complete side quests such as the platforming trials, Super Soccer Golf mini-games, or bonus Arcade levels. You can find these by collecting different cartridges throughout the town. There is so much to do in Forktown.

The game’s main objective is to collect 50 batteries from each of the four worlds that you can travel to. This opens the Demon Gate, which leads to the final level and boss fight at Demon Castle. However, this is also where Yooka Laylee is hiding. This is Yooka-Laylee’s hiding place.

To meet the pair you will need to climb the Demon King’s castle. You have many options to accomplish this due to the way Demon Turf platforming works. You can reach them by wall jumping to the rampart on your left, and then following the wooden planks and bounce pads around the castle’s side until you reach the top. You’ll find the pair on your right side of the castle. A funny cutscene will then play.

Demon Turf: Where to Find the Yooka-Laylee Camera
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