Demon Turf: Fredo Boss Fight Guide

Demon Turf: Fredo Boss Fight Guide

Demon Turf: Fredo Boss Fight Guide

Demon Turf might seem like a platforming and speedrunning game. However, there are bosses who will try to bring you down. You’ll have a lot of work to do with Demon Turf’s five bosses, but Fredo will be your first boss. This is everything you need about taking him down.

How Boss Fights in Demon Turf Work

Let’s first explain how boss fights work in Demon Turf. To unlock the boss fight, players must first enter a Turf world. Once you unlock it and attempt it, you get a new platforming ability. The first is a hookshot. Next, you will receive a wheel that grants speed and sick drift skills. Finally, you will be able to glide over longer distances and slow down time.

You can unlock all abilities before you fight four of five bosses. These fights act as tutorials for the ability. Fredo’s boss fight is no exception. Without the hookshot, there’s no way you can win. This guide will show you how to make Fredo regret letting you go.

Demon Turf – Fredo Boss Guide: Stage One

After you have completed the tutorial section and learned how to use the hookshot, Fredo will be your opponent. He spends the stage circling around the arena’s edge. He’ll either spit on you and cause a radial shockwave or sweep his hand across the arena to try to rip you into oblivion.

Fredo can be defeated by you using your hookshot. This will allow you to take out his gauntlets. He must have pounded the ground or swept your hand. After you have dodged Fredo’s attacks, you can reach his gauntlets by pressing the ability button. Hold the button down until the appropriate part of the gauntlet is removed. The left and right gauntlets have multiple pieces that you need to get rid of. This can vary depending on whether Fredo used a sweep or ground pound. Keep doingdging and hookshotting until the gauntlet is removed.

Demon Turf – Fredo Boss Guide: Stage Two

Stage 2 is similar to the first, except that you are still trying to avoid attacks and take down Fredo’s gauntlet. Fredo destroys sections of the arena to start the phase, which makes it more difficult to navigate. Fredo also switches out his bomb-spitting attack in favor of a homing missile, which can make it difficult to navigate. However, Fredo is able to move quickly from one side to the other.

Demon Turf – Fredo Boss Guide: Stage Three

The Fredo boss fight’s final stage sees the big pig lad destroying the arena where you were standing. Some grapple points are located around the outside of the arena to allow you to travel to higher platforms and continue with the third stage.

The final stage has Beebz fighting on an island platform, with small pig enemies appearing at each corner. Fredo also slowly invades the island firing more homing missiles. These rockets are even more dangerous in this stage. Beebz is left at a slight speed disadvantage when he punches pigs off the edge. Because of the rockets, charging punches at full power can often be a death sentence. Fredo will smash the platform to pieces once he reaches it, but grapple points will be visible on the right and left sides. These can be used to get to the next platform. There you will need to dodge rockets, and then grapple again.

The third platform will see you face Fredo, a larger wave of pigs, who stands in the arena looking all menacing. Fredo will launch a huge trash ball attack after you have dealt with the pigs. However, you can travel across the arena and stop him. You’ll need to use a mixture of jumps, dashes, and hookshots to reach Fredo’s final platform. To win, all you have to do is hookshot the trashball and drop it on Fredo.

Demon Turf: Fredo Boss Fight Guide
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