Fortnite's Batman Who Laughs Skins - First Look

Fortnite’s Batman Who Laughs Skins – First Look

Fortnite's Batman Who Laughs Skins - First Look

Fortnite’s Batman Who Laughs Skins – First Look

We have a sneak peak at the new Batman skins for Fortnite. This is courtesy Epic Games, who teased what to expect when the Batman/Fortnite collab drops October 26th.

Twitter also got in on the action, sharing some tasty photos. But you can check out Epic Games’ Fortnite page to see all that Epic Games has in store. We have to admit they look pretty cool.

The Batman/Fortnite partnership includes a real-world comic which will give you access to all in-game items through a unique code. If you don’t have a local comic shop, you can purchase skins and other items in the item shop just like you would normally.

Halloween is around the corner, so get your V-Bucks ready if you’re looking to make a splash with some Batman style for Halloween. You can expect to find a few other cosmetics, such as back-bling or a glider, just like the other guest characters.

How to get in-game items from Batman Who Laughs

The Outfit, Back Bling and Dark Days Loading Screen can be obtained in one of these ways:

  • Buy a Batman/Fortnite Foundation comic from your local comics store. One code unlocks the Outfit and Back Bling as well as the Loading Screen.
  • You can purchase the Outfit and the Back Bling from the Fortnite Item Shop using V-Bucks*. The Loading Screen can only be redeemed by redeeming a code in Batman/Fortnite Foundation.

The suggested retail price for Batman/Fortnite Foundation is $4.99 (or $5.99 for a premium variant cover). The Item Shop will have Robin’s Perch Back Bling and The Batman Who Laughs Outfit. These items can be purchased separately or together in the Bundle.


Fortnite’s Batman Who Laughs Skins – First Look
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