Microsoft Flight Simulator Delays UK Map Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator Delays UK Map Update

In a statement published on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Site on January 21st, 2021, Microsoft has announced the launch of this new United Kingdom and Ireland World Updates for your match is going to be postponed. The brand new update that will contain maps of Scotland and England was originally slated for a January 26th launch to comply with the in-game launch of this F-15 fighter swiftly; however, it has been pushed back by one week.

While not as legendary as video game superstars Mario and Pac-Man, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Is just one of gambling’s greatest running series, with its very first entrance dating back to 1982 for the IBM PC. The most recent release for the show is widely regarded as of the very realistic-looking video games of the present generation and contains lots of the true world’s famous landmark destinations.

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The delay in the UK and Ireland World Update’s motives are seemingly on account of the development group being made to update resources. It is now necessary to utilize a brand new procedure and data origin to acquire the new cities incorporated into the present architecture. However not free of glitches, the upgrade to the already remarkable Microsoft Flight Simulator guarantees a complete 3D London and the neighboring Windsor Castle in all of its glory.

The UK and Ireland upgrade Are the next location-specific upgrade for your flight sim as it eventually arrives. September of this past year saw a comprehensive upgrade to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s variant of Japan, and more lately, an impressive North American upgrade was released. The United Kingdom and Ireland World Update are currently expected in early February.