Latest Google App Beta Replaces Pre-Assistant Voice Search UI

The capacity exists in the program on Android despite being many years old.

The latest beta eliminates that voice hunt UI.

For the past several years, tapping on the microphone icon Homescreen widget or Program’s search area could establish a fullscreen interface using four dots in the listening to your query.

Regular searches yield internet results, while voice commands — such as set An alert or turn on the flashlight — will conduct the command right within the Google program. Today, this UI has persisted despite the access to Assistant.

With Google program 11.3 before this week, the business eliminated the older UI for voice hunt.

Tapping the mic now opens the default voice input across Android.

The panel includes a logo Icon, Listening instant, and notes that your language.

There is also a toast material on each application.

Regardless of the voice hunt UI the Google program that is inherent remains now.

The transition is unavoidable as Assistant becomes advanced and given the performance.

This shift is part of Monday’s Google program beta, using variant 11.3 not yet rolled out into the secure station.

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