Apple Acquires Popular Weather App Dark Sky And Will Shut Down The Android Version

Apple has obtained popular weather program Dark Sky and will soon be shutting down the Dark Sky Android and Wear OS programs in July, Black Sky declared at a blog post now .

“Our aim has always been to Supply the entire world with the Finest weather information potential, to assist as many individuals as we could stay dry and secure, and to achieve this in a manner that respects your privacy.

There is not any greater place to do those aims compared to Apple.

There are not any modifications coming to Dark Sky for iOS”at the time,” and you can still purchase it on the App Store right now for $3.99. However, you won’t have the ability to get into the Android and use OS apps and you will only have the ability to use them before they shut down in the event that you have them. You will get a refund, based on Grossman, In case you have an active subscription by that date.

Black Sky’s API will continue to work”through the finish Of 2021,” however Grossman says Dark Sky will not be accepting new signups to utilize the API. Meaning that, finally programs will not have the ability to use the weather information of Black Sky .

You will also only have the ability to look at weather forecasts, maps, and even embeds on Black Sky’s site till July 1st. The site will remain up and then date”in service of API and iOS App customers”

Black Sky’s branding onto its own site is already upgraded to”Black Sky by Apple.”

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