Intel 10th-Gen Comet Lake-S Desktop Processors Could Be Delayed

According to the slide, the embargo date for these chips’ announcement is set for April 13 – June 26.

While this indicates that Intel does not yet know when it is likely to Unveil the chips, in addition, it indicates that we might be waiting to grab our very first official glimpse.

The entire year of delays

Such A delay would not be surprising. The coronavirus outbreak is causing difficulties in the distribution chain; as workers have to remain at home on account of the probability of disease, many producers have reduced their suspended or output the creation.

It would not make sense for Intel to launch its fresh CPUs if its partners are not able to generate the motherboards to encourage them.

But, Several are speculating that Intel could be intending to launch the chip lineup with others indicating that the provider is referring to the dates to its two K lineups & KF series before launch the chips on April 13.

According to the leaked slide, the Intel Core i9-10900K is going to be the flagship chip at the lineup and will replace the present i9-9900K.

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