Microsoft Unveils New Edge Browser Logo That No Longer Looks Like Internet Explorer

Microsoft is refreshing That the logo for its Chromium-based Edge browser. The software giant originally unveiled its Edge icon over four years ago, and it is reasonable to say it was a emblem that clinged to yesteryear Internet Explorer. Microsoft emblem was discovered as a member of a browsing mini game hidden within Edge’s latest Canary variants. It looks like a wave, and includes a similar Fluent Design style to the firm’s new Office icons.

The emblem also spells out the letter e, but it Looks like Internet Explorer, and looks a lot more modern consequently. Microsoft is clearly breaking from convention here to a Chromium version of Edge, and it’ll be interesting to learn the company picked this specific layout.

The Edge icon has been revealed in an Easter Egg Hunt where Microsoft workers posted clues to a collection of images and puzzles. Puzzle solvers had to leave an Edge icon as a 3D object that was hidden in an image. It led to a series of words found in seven clues, which were then inputted to a Javascript function on Microsoft’s Edge Insider website. This demonstrated which words necessary to be pulled from a movie to the final directions to discover the key surfing game (edge://surf/) along with the brand new logo when you finish it.

The edge surfing game that is secret is very similar to SkiFree Timeless skiing game that has been released for Windows as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack 3 back in 1991. You use WASD on a keyboard to navigate around, avoiding obstacles or threatening tentacles and picking up speed increase and protects on the way.

We are now waiting to hear when Microsoft will release a Version of its Edge Chromium browser. The software maker released a beta version back in August, And a variant appeared on the web recently. Microsoft is holding Its Ignite conference in Orlando next week, and given the new emblem Reveal it’s likely we will hear more about a launch date soon.

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