Spike Lee ruined my favorite NBA 2K16 game mode

Ve spent countless hours lifting nobodies into NBA stardom over the last half-decade. Tiny point guards that will jump like Spud Webb and bomb threes such as Steph Curry; prototypical shooting guards, chiseled from marble and feted with endorsements; paint-bound monoliths who rear their way to MVPs and championships; ve made them played from the endings of benches to fake billboards around the world.

This yeas version of MyCareer marks a major step apart from the loose narratives and sprinkled cutscenes of games beyond.

Previous versions of MyCareer have been wealthy or cinematic or serious, and thas just fine; instead, have been elastic, funny, and interactive. The gams fiction was little, but it had been adapting, and that was much more significant. I find myself longing for the halcyon days of Jackson Ellis and the Rookie Showcase if only because I was allowed to fill in my playes blanks myself. M wiggling sticks and pressing buttons to attain basketball greatness. I do want immersion or storyline gravity; I need pleasure. NBA 2K1s only been outside for a few days, and it’s also likely that extended time together with my latest virtual star will wash the bad taste of Livi Da Dream out of my mouth. There’s a new off-day time control system that looks fairly neat, and I’m still wrap my mind around gameplay tweaks that sense large and satisfying.

But I cat help feeling disconnected from a part of the game I loved, and thas a shame. Is silly, but it feels just like a yearly tradition was compromised since 2K sees this part of the sport in a totally different light. At this point, m only hoping that next yeas version of MyCareer will go back to its open-ended, player-friendly roots.

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