Pokemon on Switch: about the Pokemon RPG 2019

Getting to the core of it

Update: The next mainline Pokemon games For Nintendo Shift happen to be announced! The brand new new titles launching in late 2019, but head to our Pokemon Sword and Shield hub to find out more…

E3 2017 was a big occasion for Pokemon lovers, as it was the place where it was confirmed by Nintendo that we’ll observe a mainline Pokemon game arrive at the Nintendo Switch. Finally.

With that announcement, the time seems ripe to speculate on What kind this game would take (as if we weren’t doing it no matter an official affirmation ). In a May 2018 press conference it was confirmed that this core Pokemon RPG will soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch in overdue 2019.

However, it’s been two years since the Pokemon RPG was declared and we’re still short on sound information. But that hasn’t stopped us from thinking about exactly what the forthcoming core game will involve…

Here we’ve laid out Just What the latest Rumors are, and we’ve also thrown in a few things we’d like to see from the initial core Pokémon Nintendo Shift name.
Cut to the chase

What is it? The first heart Pokemon game to start on the Nintendo Switch
When can I play it? It’s going be late 2019
What can I play with it on? Nintendo Change of course!

Pokemon Switch launch date

We Do not have all sorts of strong release date for Pokemon on Nintendo Switch but during a May 2018 Pokemon press conference at which Pokemon Let’s Go were confirmed for 2018, it was likewise confirmed the heart Pokemon RPG will be released in late 2019.

We imagine a November 2019 release is the most likely outcome.
Pokemon Switch news and rumors

Tzunekazu Ishihara talks

After The announcement of the more stripped back and simplified Pokemon Let’s Go titles, there’s been some concern amongst fans the 2019 RPG will not offer you the full gameplay experience that’s been built up over the past twenty years. Head of the Pokemon Business Tzunekazu Ishihara assuaged those issues in a recent interview with Famitsu magazine (via Siliconera).

According To Ishihara, the 2018 Pokemon release will probably be a”completely different game” into Pokemon Let’s Go. “It’s is not an entrance game,” he states,”but a game that we want long term fans of the Pokemon series to anticipate.”

Ishihara has promised a game with”brand new Pokemon” which will”triumph the traditions of Game Freak.”

The Pokemon press conference

It’s widely expected by enthusiasts which Nintendo will bring some sort of Pokemon Switch information to E3 2018 but didn’t stop all kinds of rumors emerging at the run up to it.

Industry insider Emily Rogers created a blog post which indicated that Pokemon on Switch will be shown before the end of May, cutting just before E3.

As With all core Pokemon games, Rogers noted that the Shift release will have two versions. Although she included that the variations may surprise some fans.

Not long after this a 4Chan user uploaded an image of What they said was a logo for the game: Pokemon Let’s Move! And reported that the two versions Rogers had hinted at would be Pikachu and Eevee models.

These games, the user said, could be remakes of this Pokemon Yellow games, featuring Piakchu and Eevee as starter Pokemon who would follow the player around the world. The Switch variant will, in accordance with this leak, take players back to Kanto and, whereas Red and Blue, would not be the protagonists, they’d feature.

We know, however, that while Pokemon Let’s Go will be released With both Pikachu and Eevee versions, they will not be the center RPG release that was first promised at E3 2017.

This news came at a Pokemon Press conference which was held, as Rogers rightly called, at the end of May. The Let’s Go names will rather be spin-offs designed to draw the Pokemon Go viewer into both Switch and the Pokemon console encounter.

As it stands, we don’t know much Whatsoever About the core Pokemon RPG for Switch other than that it’s going to become a”brand-new” adventure.

Holding a Pokemon press conference this Close to E3 suggests that Nintendo needed to provide the Let’s Go releases their own stage, while we might find out a bit more about the 2019 core release at the gaming series in LA.. This is, after all, in which the hardcore Pokemon audience is likely to be paying the most attention.

CEO of the Pokemon Company publicly puts religion in the Change

In a meeting with Bloomberg, The Pokemon Company’s CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara has stated that while he initially believed the Nintendo Switch would not be a victory, he now realizes his error.

Ishihara Said he told Nintendo in the era of the smartphoneno one would want to carry around a games console before adding”it’s obvious I had been incorrect.”

“I Came to realize that the secret to a successful match is quite simple – applications with absolute quality leads earnings of hardware, ” that he said, “Playing style could be elastic if the software is attractive enough.”

What about his own firm’s software offering for your console? Ishihara offered what could be seen as a few tiny hints.

“With The Switch, ” he said, ”we see it as a chance to create Pokémon that goes deeper and using a higher degree of expression. Because of this, making it an extremely important stage […] Right now we are using 7 to 8-inch displays, but on a high-definition TV you can express an entirely different world with graphics and audio.”

He Also suggested bigger scale multiplayer gameplay has been considered:”Until now, games have been made as one for one individual, but you can now go home and play with everybody – so how can we tackle these themes, and how can we make certain it’s not complex?” Whether that’ll be divided Joy-Con neighborhood multiplayer or some thing more online based, we can not tell.

As far as additional Pokemon-themed peripherals to your console, Ishihara wasn’t able to offer any confirmation but did say he would”like to think of that possibility.”

Game’s developers acknowledge they’re feeling the strain

Considering The yet-to-be called Pokemon Switch name is going to be the first mainline game in the franchise to visit a home console it’s clear that fans are excited but that implies expectations are high.

Because of this, the game’s programmers have admitted they’re feeling the strain. In a meeting with Game Informer Series director/producer/composer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori reported that though it’s”really fun” to view”all of the excitement for the announcement” it does mean there’s”a lot of pressure” on the team.

Ohmori Said that Game Freak is going to do its utmost to fulfill a game that’s capable of living up to these expectations but asks that lovers don’t increase them”too high”

Pokemon confirmed for Nintendo Switch at E3 2017

After A very long build up of speculation, Nintendo affirmed during its 2017 E3 live stream a heart Pokemon game would be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Additional Compared to the simple fact that the game is forthcoming, we know nothing else. Nintendo didn’t offer a name nor did it offer a release date other than it being more than a year away.

The Fact that the release date is so far in the future means it might well differ from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that have been verified to be coming to the 3DS later this season.

This Announcement means that the Nintendo Switch is breaking up the Nintendo home console curse, whereby only side titles, such as the already confirmed Pokken Tournament, was published while mainline titles stayed on handhelds.

The Pokemon Company and Sport Freak had previously said that they were waiting to learn exactly how the Nintendo Switch conducted and whether or not it would work with the Pokemon series before committing a core game to the console.

Rumors Have been circulating for quite a few months about the game, suggesting it may be published under the name Pokemon Stars, but Nintendo provided no remark on this.

Main series producer, Junichi Masuda, doesn’t discount it and Pokémon Company CEO supports.

In September 2016, back after the Switch was known as the NX, Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed in a meeting with the Wall Street Journal that the corporation would develop games for the console.

Later in the year, Pokémon series producer, Junichi Masuda, Was enthused with his devotion to Switch service. But he did not discount that mainline Pokémon titles had been an opportunity for the Switch, saying that he was awaiting the console to be introduced to market to ascertain whether it would gain from Pokémon.

Then came the Eurogamer report

Adding fuel to the rumor fire, Eurogamer Released a report in late 2016 that stated multiple sources had confirmed a new version of Pokémon Sun and Moon was being developed for its Switch under the code called Pokémon Stars.

According To this report, this third name was designed alongside Sun and Moon for 3DS and had attribute working versions of Sun and Moon content.

Development Was believed to be slowed down in the series up to the launch of the 3DS names but following their release would resume and work would begin on new capabilities.

The Report ended up by saying that although the match had initially been slotted for a Summer 2017 release, it was subsequently pushed to later in the year. Now that we’re well into 2018 we understand this report wasn’t entirely accurate in terms of release windows but Pokemon Stars still has not been ruled out.

Subsequently came the hiring telephone

Only after the Shift’s launch in March of 2017, Game Freak re-started the rumor mill by posting job advertisements On Truly Japan saying that they had been seeking to temporarily employ individuals capable of creating character versions on machines such as the Wii U and PlayStation Vita to get a new entry in an RPG series that is”popular on an international scale”

Now, There was no direct mention of Pokémon in this list but it does look like the most likely scenario considering Game Freak doesn’t have lots of RPG franchises under its belt which would fall into this internationally popular category.

What type of Pokemon game can we expect on Switch?

After The E3 2017 affirmation, we know we’re going to be receiving a mainline Pokemon game, but in which this game will be set and which generation it will explore is unclear. It’s unlikely that it’s likely to take players back to Kanto because Pokemon Let’s Go will do that in November 2018.

The official Pokemon Twitter accounts said That this release would be an”all-new” core show title. This also implies that the game won’t be a continuation of Pokemon Sun and Moon as was previously rumored and may even take players to another map and into a completely new generation.

A Spanish version of Nintendo Life definitely seems to believe this is the strategy. According to the novel (via NintendoLife) Pokemon on Change will introduce players to an entirely new generation: generation 8. Not only that it suggests that the sport will have entirely new mechanisms, which is not really that far out of the realm of possibility given what we’ve seen Pokemon Let’s Go is trying with Switch hardware and Game Freak will wish to make the most of this technician as other developers have done. Things will need to change somewhat, realistically.

It is worth noting, nonetheless, that Though this is a formal Nintendo publication, it’s gotten things wrong before using Pokemon rumors so we’d say take it with a pinch of salt until we understand more.

At the very least we know we will have Pokemon Bank to bring our animals from past generations and consoles to our newest adventure with very little fuss.
What we want to see in Pokemon on Change

That is everything we know. Now let’s get into what we’d love to see in the rumored match.

Better graphics and animations

Game Freak pushed the Nintendo 3DS to its absolute limits with Pokémon Sun and Moon (to the point where 3D support had to be eliminated ). That means Game Freak is prepared to move beyond the limits of the 3DS and we would fully expect to see graphic advancements in the Nintendo Shift version.

The graphics and animations in Sun and Moon were Already excellent, definitely the best we’ve seen so far from a Pokémon match, but moving to Nintendo Switch may very well allow for sharper character and environment models and much more expressive character faces.

A well-translated UI

For Quite a While now, the Pokémon games have been developed for Nintendo’s DS handheld which has given developers two displays over which to spread the game’s UI. This has resulted in arguably among the most well-designed UIs in video games with Game Freak making the most of the room to place interactive menus on the bottom touchscreen of their DS consoles.

The Nintendo Switch, but only uses one display which would mean Game Freak would have to radically overhaul its UI strategy and there’s a risk, it wouldn’t work quite as seamlessly. Obviously, the firm had to develop single screen UIs for Pokémon before the release of the DS but we’re not sure we’d love to return to this more packed in layout.

The Fact the Switch includes a touchscreen could possibly help to balance matters, however, since it might allow for more immediate interaction rather than a return to using the directional pad to scroll through choices. There is also room for interesting innovations utilizing the console’s modular controllers.

Make Decent use of this Festival Plaza

The Festival Plaza has been an odd addition to Sun and Moon. It felt strangely separate from the main game and was not a particularly good use of online capabilities. This could completely change together with the Change. The plaza could turn into the perfect spot for players to meet up along with the LAN party capacities of the Switch may see Festival Plaza become that the place where an community takes off.

New Pokémon

While most people say they are not Sure they can take care of any more Pokémon and that they stopped paying attention after the first 150, we just want to find out more. The new setting in Pokémon Sun and Moon brought in interesting and fun Alolan variations on Pokémon we already know and love so if we can not receive any more entirely new creatures, we’d love to find a couple more instances of the. Loan Vulpix changed our lives and we’d like some more of this.

Motion controls

The Nintendo Switch advantages from its motion-control capable Joy-Cons. We have seen them used in some interesting ways so far which gives us a hope that they’ll be implemented in Pokemon Stars. The hat-throwing mechanic used in Super Mario Odyssey, for example, could be translated to a PokeBall throwing mechanic and that would be an interesting new dimension to the series that just the Switch could offer.

Now That Pokemon-specific Z moves have been introduced, it might even be that gamers have to move their Joy-Cons at the perfect pattern to begin their Pokemon’s unique powers. While we’re not especially keen on doing a few of those dad-dance moves in public, we are more than prepared to perform them in the privacy of our home.

Amiibo Service

We Need Pokemon Amiibo support. We said it. Though Pokken Championship and Detective Pikachu possess Amiibo figurines, we want to see More introduced to the brand new mainline Pokemon game. Whether They unlock new accessories for mini games, new items of clothing, or New motions we just know these will be highly collectible and likely Adorable.