Realm Grinder Guide and Research Tips

Tips and to-dos for this surprisingly deep fantasy idle sim. You’ll be earning billions of gems in no time

Realm Grinder is much more than the usual throwaway clicker or idle game. Maybe it started that way as it initially released as a Flash game, but it’s grown into something much, much deeper. With so many platforms, monies, and watermarks for development, just getting started can be overpowering, and the brief in-game tutorial barely scratches the surface. This manual picks up following that tutorial, which introduces you to the match’s first mechanics.

Read on for hints to orient you through your initial runs as a ruler, and a summary of the systems you’ll encounter as you advance deeper into Realm Grinder.
Slang primer

As a simple guide, we have tried to keep the acronyms to a minimum. Nevertheless, these are a few of the most frequent terms you will see used anywhere information on Realm Grinder is shared.

Run: Refers to every ruler you take on. A streak is started by abdicating.
Faction: The group you choose to align with during a run (fairies, elves, angels, goblins, undead, demons, etc)
R[#]: Reincarnation is your 2nd soft reset available (abdicating being the first). R0 describes your first time playing this sport. R1 is after you’ve reincarnated for the first time.
FC: Faction Coins
RE: Royal Exchange
M/S: Mana per minute
RP: Research Point
RS: Research Slot

Sample every faction

There are several guides explaining the optimal approach to start Realm Grinder by gaining gems and decorations at the most efficient pace. I decided to put off that level of micro-management before doing a complete reset of my match. Playing anything for the first time is usually more enjoyable if you figure out things with a few gentle nudges in the right direction. In the spirit of experimentation, try every faction once.

The tooltips for every faction treaty give you an notion of exactly what each one excels at, but it’s easiest to tell which you prefer by enjoying them all once.
Select the Right faction for your job

When you’ve sampled the vanilla flavors (the six starter factions are known as the”vanilla” factions) start thinking about the ideal tool for the job at hand. If you’re going to spend eight hours off from the PC, setting up an Undead faction run will yield much better production the longer you’re offline.

In case you’ve got 30 or more minutes to spend sitting in front of your screen, the Elf faction rewards you for spending time clicking. Even later in the game, certain factions are better for clearing different hurdles. If you forget what each faction specializes in, a succinct overview sits at the tooltip for each treaty. Check it before deciding what to go with for your run.
Head your faction coins

Faction coins are found during your typical gold production, either by assistants on your passive creation or while clicking. Each of the six vanilla factions have their own coins. In each run, you’re use faction coins for your favorite alignment to unlock each of the three tiers of updates specific to the faction along with also the Heritage bonus for each. The expansion factions you unlock later require a composite of multiple vanilla factions’ coins to unlock upgrades and heritages. The Titan faction, for example, uses faction coins from Fairies and Goblins to unlock its upgrades and heritage.

You will also utilize Faction Coins for Royal Exchanges. Each faction’s coins could be traded in the Royal Exchange menu to get enhanced gold production. Make certain not to shell out too many Faction Coins for exchanges before getting the 3 faction upgrades and, ideally, every one of those heritages you’ve unlocked. By default, the game warns you as soon as you’re about to devote your chosen faction’s coins to get an exchange. It is possible to turn off the warnings in the settings menu, however, take care!
Abdicate often (sufficient )

Abdicating is your first method of soft-reset you’ll encounter. By abdicating, you give up all buildings and updates you have bought in the current run with your gold. What you earn by abdicating are gems, the second sort of currency in the game. Every gem you have raises your entire gold production by three per cent .

It’s a small bonus when you have only abdicated for the very first time but grows exponentially with each abdication, as does your gold production in every run. You will retain gems even after abdicating, meaning that your gold production will increase proportionate to the stone you have accumulated. Although it can be tough to sign on your property and assets for the very first time, every one gets easier when you understand you’re investing in the next run.

There’s no best time to abdicate. It mostly depends on what your objectives are and what faction you’re playing. My personal guideline was to abdicate if the reward for doing this was twice the number of gems I already owned. If I had 20 million jewels, I would expect to abdicate once the reward strike 40 million. Do not shy away from abdicating in case you are not thrilled with the conduct you are on or if your gold production seems to have stagnated despite buying more buildings and upgrades.

It’s worth throwing in the towel in certain situations, also. By way of example, if you are 20 minutes off turning off your PC at night, you could abdicate and set an Evil faction run, understanding that their offline bonuses are far greater.
Seek out key trophies

Trophies are among the few earned items that persist across both sorts of reset. They become more significant later in the game when the number you’ve collected influences other upgrades, but you will find lots of you can snag early. Building decorations are earned at every hundred of each type of construction you figure out how to buy. You’ll get a trophy for constructing 100 farms, 200, etc.incrementally by passing much every type of building in every run. The Magic and Miscellaneous categories are similarly transparent. You will get all of them in time.

The secret decorations tend to be less evident but more interesting. Some you will get without actively attempting to. The”Leet” trophy is awarded for getting 1337 coins in any given time, meaning it’s going to fall into your lap during your initial run. Others, like”Building Hater,” which takes you to make 100,000 coins without creating anything, have a bit more planning. Most of these give an upgrade which can be bought throughout all runs. The secret trophies all have a title in the tooltip but don’t list their needs. If you’re searching for a cheat sheet, this post on the Kongregate forums is a good resource.
Appreciate automatic casting

Once you generate a total of 60,000 mana (across all abdications) you’ll unlock Automatic Casting. The initial tier of auto-casting permits you to set 1 spell to cast each time you regenerate enough mana to use it. It is extremely helpful if you’re planning to let your match run in the background while doing other things instead of babysitting your own realm.

Don’t forget, using a charm collection to auto-cast will halve your mana generated per second and charms won’t be cast while you are offline. At higher tiers of total mana generated you will unlock more advanced automatic casting upgrades that reduce the mana regen penalties and allow you to prioritize which spells to cast and set contingencies.

After earning one billion (1B) stone, you’ll unlock the ability to ship excavation expeditions (say that five times quickly ) at progressively expensive gold rates. Excavations can unearth faction coins, and, if you’re lucky, artifacts and rubies, the third game currency. Like buildings, excavations cost more each time you buy them. Don’t be like me and get enticed into purchasing them often hoping to locate artifacts.

There are ensured artifact rewards at various excavation attempts up to number 30. After that point, another guaranteed find is at 200 excavations. Instead, save excavating for times once you actually need a faction coin increase. Use them sparingly because their costs can only be reset by Reincarnating or by spending precious rubies.

Reincarnation is the 2nd soft reset readily available in Realm Grinder. It becomes available as soon as you hit one octillion (1Oc) stone. Yes, gems, not coins. It seems insurmountable when you first start, but gets more viable as the gold and stone production both increase exponentially. Reincarnating will convert your gold, gems, and excavations. You’ll maintain your trophies, unlocked updates, heritages, rubies, and artifacts. You will also be given an update named Reincarnation Power, which has various bonuses based on the entire amount of times you’ve reincarnated. As you advance, the quantity of time it requires you to move on to another Reincarnation will shorten, exactly like the period between abdications.
Challenge yourself

Challenges are unlocked following reincarnating twice (R2). Similar to how secret trophies function, challenges possess a title and clue listed in every tooltip but the exact requirements for completing them are not given. The Realm Grinder wiki has a handy collection of challenge requirements recorded by either faction or grade. Completing challenges rewards bonuses whenever you play with a run aligned with the related faction.


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