See a DJ astronaut Fall beats Earth from the ISS

The European Space Agency’s Luca Parmitano took time out from science to be a DJ for a massive dance party down below

Who is ready for the DJ in outer space? Make some noise!” An announcer yelled in a World Club Dome music event in Ibiza on Tuesday.

DJ Astro Luca, better called European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano, decked out a short set of tunes from his perch high above the planet on the International Space Station.

If this all sounds fairly surreal, it is because it was. World Club Dome broadcast the live series on Facebook.

Parmitano shared a concept that music is an international language Kicking off his first tune. “I’m not a DJ, but I am trying to put myself out of my comfort zone,” he explained. A pill computer to DJ his collection was used by parmitano.

The astronaut took full advantage of his microgravity Environment to float sideways and upside down since he delivered the combinations and encouraged the crowd to clap along.

You can inform Parmitano Isn’t a professional DJ, but he holds the proud name of First Space DJ. That’s well worth putting your hands in the air for.

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